Jerry Hsu’s own, Sci-Fi Fantasy, has just dropped some brand-new garments and accessories. The brand was started by Hsu back in 2017 when he parted way with Chocolate Skateboards and has been an underground staple ever since.

The brands Decembers drop includes a vast range of graphic tees, 6-panel caps, Acrylic embroidered beanies and skate decks. Some stand out items from the drop include the Stonehenge tee, which features a printed image of the landmark and a simple Sci-Fi Fantasy logo on the chest. We also get the classic Sci-Fi Fantasy Cotton hooded sweatshirt, with embroidered logo on the chest.

The collection includes four Skateboard graphics and sizes. The Metal Board, the Cheetosphere Board, the Smack Board and the Dino Board. All decks are available in various sizes from 8" to 8.5".

The Sci-Fi Fantasy December drop is currently available on the Sci-Fi Fantasy Website and through selected retailers. You can check out the full collection below.

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