Luke November


Luke November is one of East London’s most prominent up and coming artists. His work has been sampled by the likes of Pop Smoke 'Faith' and Kanye West 'DONDA' and he is still in the throes of discovery.

Luke’s sound blends multiple genres and influences, leaving listeners with something that they will be pushed to find elsewhere. His latest release, Queen Bee, sees Luke laying down vocals over a drill-type beat that still offers an easy on the ear melody.

We got the opportunity to talk to Luke about his music and influences; here's what he had to say…

How has your year been so far? Kinda mad to think it's nearly December

My year so far has definitely been a highlight in terms of what’s happened musically. Although lockdown seemed to be a barrier, I used it as a hibernation period to grow within myself, my music, my faith and my overall plans for the year. Knowing that the year is coming to an end in a few months is crazy.

You mention Harry Potter in your Spotify Bio – are you a big fan?

Yes I’m a big fan, I grew up watching Harry Potter. I used to imagine what life would be like if I joined slitherin. 

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My faith is my biggest inspiration as it shapes who I am as a person and through that lense is what defines why I do what I do, and how I do it. Musically I’m inspired by everyone.

How has growing up in East London affected your music?

Growing up in east London hasn’t really affected my music directly but it’s impacted my lifestyle and who I am today. Everything can influence you, from the culture of east London to the type of people who live here, from the legends who broke out to my "Favourite" - being the east London chicken shop landmark. 

What’s your song writing process like?

I find a beat and begin humming different melodies. I normally create a chorus first and build a verse around whatever concept I come up with. As I’m humming the melody, I begin filling in the words and and it unravels from there.

What’s it like knowing that some of the biggest artists have listened to - and sampled - your music?

It’s an overwhelming thought knowing that an artist I grew up hearing about, seeing on tv and listening to, has not only listened to my song but has also gone and sampled it. It’s interesting to think about what was the source of inspiration in that song and it just motivates me to keep going and understanding that nothing is impossible. It taught me that I just need to consistently believe in and carry on what I’m doing, and have the faith that my works will be brought to fruition. 

What is your favourite toast topping?

That’s a tricky one, I do love the classic butter and jam… however I think my final answer would be Nutella.


What was the inspiration behind your latest single, ‘Queen Bee’?

I got the concept by analysing bees. A bee colony will follow the Queen Bee wherever it goes, and metaphorically it sparked something in my mind as to how I would like to pursue my Queen when she flys along (see what I did there.)

What can we expect from you in the near future?

You can expect ground-shaking music, mind-blowing music videos, creative and innovative music projects and a guarantee of taking something away from my music. Whether it be learning something, feeling something, or being inspired in some way, shape or form.


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