Rumours have surfaced that LA-based rapper, Tyler, The Creator, maybe getting ready to release another album. The rumours started to surface as suspicious billboards started popping up across Los Angeles. 

The Billboards contain the Columbia Records logo as well as the phone number 1-855-444-8888 with the words “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST”. If you call the number you hear Tyler having a conversation with his mother over what many believe is music from the new album.

The majority of the conversation is Tyler’s mother talking about how much she loves him. Calling him her “ride or die” and that she’d “stand in front of a bullet, on God, over this one.” When she asks, “Am I lying?” Tyler can be heard answering “You have no reason to,” and his mother continues to speak.

There has been no word from Tyler about the rumours or billboards. However, many fans have pointed out that IGOR was released two years ago and that his album schedule is usually every two years. You can check out the newly discovered CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST website HERE and listen to the voicemail below. 

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