the UK’s largest Muslim umbrella organisation just appointed a new secretary-general, Zara Mohammed. The significance of this is that the 29-year-old from Glasgow has now become the first female leader of the organisation.

Ms Mohammed is more than qualified for the position, not only does she have a masters graduate in human rights law, but she previously served as assistant secretary-general for the MCB.

She stated it was an “honour” to elected after succeeding Harun Khan, who completed a maximum of four years as the head of the MCB. While speaking on the accomplishment, Zara said: “I think women sometimes hesitate to take on leadership roles even though they are more than qualified to do so.” Adding: “It is really important to engage young people, engage more women and diversify the organisation and the work we are doing.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that he wished “the very best of success to Zara Mohammed – may she continue to lead this organisation to greater heights for the betterment of our communities across the country.”

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