Despite lockdowns and restrictions making 2020 an awful year for all of us, the American rapper, singer, and songwriter that is DaBaby has had to face something much, much worse. Earlier in November the artist’s 34-year-old brother tragically died of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound.

As just one way of paying tribute to his late sibling, DaBaby has just dropped off his newest EP, My Brother’s Keeper (Long Live G). As for what to expect from the latest project, it arrives boasting seven tracks, totalling just over 20 minutes in length.

Featuring the likes of Meek Mill, Polo G, Toosii and NoCap, the album not only provides familiar voices but does so while raising awareness of mental health issues. Lyrics regarding his brother can be found throughout the album, with the track “Gucci Peacoat” even including a candid snippet of a conversation they had over the phone.

DaBaby took to Twitter to strengthen his message, saying: “If you can’t get over depression GET HELP, you see a loved one struggling get them help, they refuse the help, MAKE em get treated anyway,” adding: “You suffer from PTSD take that sh*t serious & get help! I’m bouta get a therapist my damn self!”

You can listen to DaBaby’s latest album, My Brother’s Keeper (Long Live G), on Spotify and Apple Music below.


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