1990 saw Nelson Mandela released from prison, Margaret Thatcher resign as Prime Minister, Aldi open its first store in the UK and Liverpool FC win the league title. Well, since then it’s been somewhat of a dry spell for the city of scousers, that is up until now.

The football club has finally won the Premier League, and although there are still games to play – including what promises to be an exciting match against Man City, Liverpool has already pulled ahead far enough that no other clubs in the league could catch them. Interestingly, of the forty-nine clubs competing since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, only six of them have previously won the title: Manchester United (13), Chelsea (5), Manchester City (4), Arsenal (3), Blackburn Rovers (1), and Leicester City (1). Liverpool now becomes the seventh – leaving only Tottenham as the only remaining member of the so-called ‘big 6’ to win the title.

With lock-down affecting so much of the season and social distancing preventing live crowds, it’s a season and a title that will always be associated with COVID-19. Having said that, we are sure there will be plenty of LFC fans out there who will always look back on this season as the one in which Liverpool’s manager, Jorgen Klopp, delivered one amazing result.

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