Palace are back at it again this week with yet another new collection, the fifth installment of their summer offerings.

As for what to expect this week, the diverse collection sees a more vibrant array of products land in comparison to previous weeks. For example, bright greens, oranges, blues, yellows, pinks and other hues adorn the range of Tri-Tex hoodies, jam fam tees, open energy shirts as well as the swim shorts to match. From here, the London-based skate brand has layered various forms of branding upon these garments.

In terms of what’s most notable, the striped rugby polo top, subtle deerstalker hat, Globlerone T-shirt and Snakey T-shirt spring to mind.

Take a look at Palace’s Summer 2020 Week 5 droplist below, if you like what you see then head to their online store on the 12th of June to cop your favourite. Japan will see a later release date of the 13th.


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