Everyone knows that the consistent suppliers of rugged workwear, Dickies, have expanded their area of expertise into more street-relevant aesthetics. However, it’s likely that not as many know that they are now retailoring their most popular pieces for women.

Specifically, the ‘Engineered For Women’ collection offers females a new way to wear the brand as the tweaking of the silhouettes guarantee a more comfortable and relaxed fit and feel. In order to make a true-fit-for-women product range, the Dickies design team took into consideration common issues with men’s fits that tend to miss the mark when adopted by a female wearer. Careful to not just size down the product, the design team carried out subtle re-proportioning and tweaking of a series of design features to ensure the overall look was not compromised in any way.

Focus areas include a new dropped shoulder to negate the square, pointy shoulder a men’s sweater or tee can create on a smaller figure. Sweats and tees have also been altered to be shorter in the body and allow for more shape. This can be seen in the ‘Ellenwood’ a cropped take on the classic pocket tee. Trousers within the range see the addition of a high waistband, in-keeping with current denim and trouser trends. This is most evident in ‘Park City’, an original carpenter pant in the same rugged fabric as the men’s mainline piece with a new high waist.

Take a look at Dickies’ ‘Engineered for Women’ collection below, if you like what you see then you’re in luck as you can head over to the brand’s online store to cop your favourites.


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