It was expected that people would be pulling their hair out after no time at all once self-isolating at home became the recommended course of action to fight against the Coronavirus. However, one YouTuber has used this time to seemingly complete the impossible, that is creating full-scale earth on Minecraft.

Specifically, the YouTube gamer called PippenFTS achieved the ridiculous feat using two different mods, Terra 1-to-1 and Cubic Chunks. As for what these did, Cubic Chunkz allowed him to bypass the game’s build limit of just 255 meters. This intern made it possible for Terra 1-to-1 to do its job, which is converting geographical data, provided by the likes of Google Maps, into blocks.

Consequently, these two mods allowed him to map out the entire planet, although, since the Terra 1-to-1 mod is unable to recognize man-made structures, he is looking for volunteers to fill in these bits. In fact, PippenFTS has asked for his fellow Minecraft players to build their towns and cities so he can compile them all together into the “Build The Earth” project.

Take a look at PippenFTS’ video below, if you’re interested in contributing to the project, PippenFTS has started a Discord channel which you can join now.

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