With industries losing billions left, right and centre, everyone is looking for the best way to deal with the latest pandemic that is the Coronavirus.

Well, with governments recommending that their citizens reduce their social exposure to a minimum, Universal Studios has decided to release a variety of its newest movies as rentals. Specifically, films such as The Invisible Man, The Hunt, and Emma, which are still in the midst of their theatrical runs, will be reaching digital platforms, allowing people to still enjoy cinema but from the comfort and safety of their home.

Starting this Friday, Universal flicks will be available for $20, with the studio’s upcoming animated film, Trolls World Tour, also set to become digitally available the same day as its theatrical release, the 10th of April.

Universal announced the news following a miserable box office performance this weekend. In fact, this weekend brought in just $55.3 million for the industry as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, this weekend is the worst-performing weekend since 1995. Furthermore, major theatre chains like AMC have decided to limit its locations’ attendance by 50% due to concerns, with Regal just announcing today that it will close its doors until further notice starting March 17.

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