Dr Martens has undeniably built up a reputation for being a long-lasting footwear option, in fact, after staying true to its design for 60 years and remaining a popular option throughout, its hard to think of a silhouette that’s tougher.

However, for their latest campaign, the British footwear brand is looking to spotlight a few creatives that live-up to the same level of hardiness. Specifically, the ‘Tough As You’ campaign celebrates individual moments of resilience, times where DM’s wearers have dug in and bounced back.

Interestingly, this latest project has been fronted by four contributors: Nakhane Touré, Sarah Lu, Blaine Harrison and Sistren. Each of which has faced prejudice or hardship in one form or another, before overcoming it and become a pioneer in their field.

Find out more regarding these influentials as well as the Dr. Martens ‘Tough As You’ campaign by heading to the Dr. Martens website.

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