Fashionable yet functional sneakers…

The German sportswear conglomerate that is PUMA not long ago turned their attention to adorning their gravity-inspired RS silhouette in order to drop a brand new pack of sleek footwear.

Specifically, the PUMA RS 9.8 is in fact named after the speed of gravitational acceleration here on the Earth’s surface. Something which apparently helped the designers produce the curvey and efficient construction. From here, interplanetary exploration influences pushed PUMA to opt for bold and space-related hues, consequently seeing greys, blues, reds, blacks, whites and more all meeting on the functional yet fashoinable shoe.

Where to buy?

Take a look at the PUMA RS 9.8 sneaker below, if you like what you see then you’re in luck as the pair are set to drop via PUMA’s online store, JD and other select retailers worldwide on the following dates:

  • RS 9.8 Space – 20th July
  • RS 9.8 Core – 01st Aug
  • RS 9.8 Cosmic – 10th Aug
  • RS 9.8 Gravity – 12th Sep


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