As a part of the brand’s ‘THIS IS OFF THE WALL’ campaign, the American manufacturer of skate shoes and apparel that is Vans has decided to give its own fans the chance to demonstrate their appreciation.

In fact, CruzCharlene Holy BearHenry DaviesHyun YeJayass, Panda Mei and Penelope Gazin are all of the collectors, creatives and customizers that have appeared in the ‘Waffleheads’ story. All of which have agreed that the easy-going and heritage-focused approach of the brand is what made them obsessed with Vans. These individuals go on to express their love for the shoes’ malleability, showing that re-painting, stitching, cutting and sticking is always an option in order to produce almost entirely new footwear altogether.

This is what Vans’ Global Executive Creative Director Erwin Federizo, had to say: “Unlike many sneaker aficionados, Vans fans don’t worry so much about keeping their shoes pristine, encasing their collections behind protected closet shelves – they prefer them worn down to the sole, painted on, passed along and rummaged from flea markets. Their collections showcase a true picture of individual style, fashion sense, and a love for our brand and what it represents: heritage, connection to subcultures, and self-expression.”


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