The iconic German sportswear conglomerate that is adidas recently took it upon themselves to produce a collection of summer-ready timepieces as days begin to lengthen once again.

As for what to expect, the collection offers a variety of models, however, at the forefront of the range is the brand’s new Archive R2 Nite Jogger, a watch that aims to offer a marriage of fashion and functionality. Specifically, the watch was created in tandem to adidas’ beloved Nite Jogger footwear model, however, this offering focuses on championing round-the-clock creation and a non-stop mentality. In fact, the reflective Nite Jogger watch illuminates in the evening hours serving as a reminder that it is never too late to pursue your vision.

Take a look at the watch below, if you like what you see then you are in luck as you can cop the piece now via adidas’ online store as well as physical retail spaces.

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