The renowned Japenese label that is United Arrows & Sons has continued to challenge contemporary streetwear, however, this time the brand is doing so in conjunction with the iconic footwear manufacturer and retailer that is Dr. Martens.

As for what to expect, the duo has teamed up in order to produce two iterations of DM’s sleek snaffle loafer that has notably been crafted by hand and in Dr. Martens’ original Wollaston Factory. Specifically, for the collaboration, the two have focused their attention on creating the shoes in two distinct colourways, an easy-to-wear black premium leather version, as well as a more adventurous green hi-suede iteration. Last but not least, a gold snaffle makes an appearance alongside a well-finished yellow stitch welt, all of which works together to create a contemporary aesthetic.

Take a look at the shoes below, if you like what you see then you are in luck as the pairs drop tomorrow, the 6th of April, via Dr. Martens’ online store.

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