Zion Williamson’s Blown Out Nikes have Been Priced at $250K – but no one Knows Where They have Gone

As Zion Williamson took the court on the 20th of February against North Carolina, he didn’t know that not only was he going sustain a kne injury, but also create one of, if not the most, valuable shoe in the world.

Specifically, in the 19th minute, Zion blew out his Nike PG 2.5 PE sneaker when trying to step off the shoe. Consequently, Nike was thrown under the critical microscope as not only did their shoe fail to perform, but as a result of that, Zion was out on a Grade 1 right knee sprain. Furthermore, with the former US president, Barack Obama, there to watch, everything was in place for this moment, and this shoe, to become one of the most valuable pieces of sports memorabilia ever.

In fact, according to the renowned auctioneer, Ken Goldin, the faulty pair currently has a maxed out estimated value of $250,000. Interestingly, he imagined that the pair would likely cause an auction battle between a rich collector and Nike themselves.

However, there is one important detail that hasn’t been accounted for, no one knows where the shoes have gone. Specifically, after Zion was asked the question he said: “ask coach about ’em.” However, after someone questioned the Duke athletic dept. a rep responded by saying that they have no idea where the shoes ended up – something that is particularly worrying as Nike also said that they “don’t have any more information. [regarding the location of the shoe]”

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