Last night, to celebrate the start of the 2019 season, the long-standing partners that are adidas and Major League Soccer left the field and took to the runway in order to present their 2019 team jerseys.

Specifically, the long-running duo enlisted the help of four notable fashion figures, Sara Gourlay of Frankie Collective, Andrew Andrade, No Sesso and Corey T. Stokes, in order to revamp and rework this season’s jerseys into fashion statements suitable to make the catwalk. Consequently, a range of contemporary and fashion-forward garments were created, all of which sporting – no pun intended – a sense of community, identity and pride.

Take a look at the adidas x Major League Soccer runway and event imagery below, if you like what you see then you are in luck as the 2019 Major League Soccer jerseys are available now via Major League Soccer’s online store.


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