The SDF has confirmed that the baby belonging to Shamima Begum, the teenage girl who fled London to join the Islamic State group, has died.

As for what lead up to this, Ms Begum left the UK in 2015 with two friends before later being found in a Syrian refugee camp. Following this, Begum expressed that she would like to return to Britain but was denied of this as the government stripped her of her citizenship.

This all lead up to the last few days in which a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces confirmed the death of her baby on Friday, informing that the child had died of pneumonia and that according to a medical certificate he was less than three weeks old.

As for the UK’s reaction to this, a government spokesman said the death of any child was “tragic and deeply distressing for the family”. This is before the spokesman stated that the government had consistently advised against travelling to Syria and would “continue to do whatever we can to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and travelling to dangerous conflict zones”.

Her husband, a Dutch IS fighter called Yago Riedijk, is being held at a nearby prison and has been made know of his baby’s death


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