Esports are undeniably moving further and further into mainstream media as games like Fortnite continue to increase the demand for ways in which people can enjoy and rep competitive gaming.

Well, one brand that is fully embracing the movment is Nike, in fact, the global sportswear conglomerate has just struck up a deal with China’s biggest gaming competition, League of Legends Pro League. Specifically, the deal will see Nike become the official provider of apparel for the league,
consequently, you can expect clothing, sneakers, and, eventually, team jerseys to arrive meaning that if you are a fan of the game then you are in luck.

Now, although this isn’t the first time a major brand has sponsored a esports team, this is the first time that a label has organised a league-wide deal, and as it’s running until 2022, expect many items to arrive along the way.

treat yourself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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