While working full-time in science/media PR, Flora Beverly was taking to Instagram, YouTube and her own blog in order to update her followers with her day-to-day activities as well as health, fitness and well-being advice. This is rather an understatement as over 70,000 followers later, Flora is looking to make the transition to a full-time influencer.

We got the opportunity to throw some questions Flora's way, this is what she had to say...

What first got you into health, fitness and WELL-BEING?


"I finally found a sport I liked (squash) after years of thinking I wasn't really good at sports. I also competed in gymnastics when I was young, which was the start of my active lifestyle! I've always been pretty focused on being healthy, even from a young age!"

Who are your biggest inspirations when it comes working out?

"Jaz Sawyers - @jazsawyers - amazing athlete, friend and inspirational attitude towards everything!"
"Adrienne - @adrienneldn - such an incredible runner, mother and boss lady!"
"Natacha Oceane - @natacha.oceane - for her functional training and all-around attitude and approach to health and fitness."

How do you balance self-confidence with always striving to improve your fitness and health?

"I focus my goals on what my body can DO, rather than what it looks like. So I can strive to become faster, fitter and stronger whilst simultaneously celebrating all that boy body can do now, and accepting any flaws I might have."

If you could only take part in three activities/sports what would they be?

"Running - all you need is a good pair of shoes and you can run, and you can do it anywhere! It's one of my favourite ways of exploring!"

"Boxing - such a great mood-booster and full body workout."

"Hiking - long walks and hikes are my versions of meditation, I couldn't live without them!"


What's your biggest aspiration?



"To be happy." 

What are your favourite brands when it comes to fitness?


Running - 2XU
Matching outfits for lifting - Flexx fit
Running shoes - Asics
Outdoor gear/trail running - Columbia

what's your favourite meal before and after a workout?

"Pre-workout always depends on the time of day. If it's early morning it'll be a coffee and some nut-butter. If it's later in the day it's usually 2 pieces of toast and some nut butter. Post workout it's whatever I have in the house! Often it's just whatever meal I'm having next. I've actually written a whole blog post on pre and post workout meals."



"Consistency is key - it's not about making extreme changes for a month, smaller changes over years are far better (and more likely to make a difference) in the long run. "



"To build my brand and provide more useful resources to people who would like to start living a healthy lifestyle but don't know how. And the usual life admin of adulting." 

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