It appears that since news of the fight spread, Floyd Mayweather has become aware that there was a misunderstanding between him and his team and the fight organisers. Specifically, Floyd has stated via an Instagram post that he was under the impression, and agreed to, a fight that was strictly for entertainment purposes. Not only that but the fight was apparently only going to be available for viewing to a select number of wealthy individuals who would be paying a "very large fee."  

As for what this means, no one knows as of yet, but it very unlikely that we will be seeing an official matchup between the two.

The Rizin Fighting Federation just announced via a rather surprising press conference that we can expect a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa. Now you may be thinking that this is an odd matchup as the two athletes arrive packing skills from two different schools of fighting, however, what the two do share is a clean undefeated record so no matter what we will be seeing a first during the fight.

Now, if you are fan of the American athlete don't assume it will be an easy win for him as although you may not recognise Nasukawa’s name, even Mayweather has commented on his speed and knockout ability, however, at the same time Floyd has said that he has “experience” versus “youth.” As for just how large the age gap is, the 41-year-old that is Floyd Mayweather Jr. is over double the age of Tenshin Nasukawa who currently stands as the current RISE featherweight world champion. Take a look at the press conference below.

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December 31st 2018 #Tokyo

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