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Here are the Latest Details Regarding the Notre Dame Cathedral Disaster


The 15th of April was a tragic day for everyone across the globe but particularly heart-breaking for those in France as the country’s iconic 856-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral went up in flames. As for how this occurred, the fire seems to have been as an accidental consequence of the on-going construction on the building, however, an investigation has been opened by the prosecutor’s office to clarify.

As for the extent of the damage, the cathedral has reportedly had two-thirds of the roof destroyed as well as its 19th-century spire. Furthermore, the three iconic rose windows first installed during the medieval era reportedly exploded due to the high temperatures. However, since then more detailed reports have stated that although the West and North windows have been damaged to an extent, all three actually remain intact, I guess we will have to wait for further examinations to confirm their state.

North Rose Window Virgin Mary Jesus Disciples Stained Glass Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France. Notre Dame was built between 1163 and 1250 AD. Virgin Mary Rose Window oldest in Notre Dame from 1250.

However, it’s not all bad news as the main edifice and two bell towers were spared from the destruction as a consequence of the hundreds of firefighters that fought the blaze. As well as this, the City’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo, announced – to many people’s relief – that most of the artwork and religious relics were evacuated before they could be claimed.

Once the dust settled on the event, President Emmanuel Macron stood outside the cathedral and vowed to rebuild the beloved structure, saying: “The worst has been avoided, but the battle isn’t fully won yet.” In fact, Macron has already launched an international fundraising campaign in order to raise money for the expensive reconstructions, and as of yet, tens of millions have already been raised thanks to the generosity of people around the world.

Details of the PlayStation 5 Were Just Leaked Online


With it being 6 years since PlayStation’s fourth model came out, all eyes are on the gaming conglomerate as excitement continues to build for its next instalment of the console. Well, if you are someone who is excited about the release then you are in luck as details of what to expect have just surfaced online.

Specifically, thanks to an anonymous poster on Pastebin, details such as the model’s release date, games, specs and price have all been supposedly revealed, and as for how this individual knows, he is said to be a developer on a yet-to-be-announced PS5 application. Interestingly, the leaker has stated that the PS5 will arrive with a built-in 2TB hard drive, something that will be necessary if the rumours of the console’s native 4K abilities and 8K upscaling functionality is true. As well as this, we can supposedly expect an upgraded PlayStation VR headset, backwards compatible functionality, a new premium version of PlayStation Plus, and of course a new DualShock 5 controller.

When it comes to the PlayStation 5’s games, we can look forward to Battlefield Bad Company 3, a new Harry Potter game, the forthcoming Vikings-based Assassin’s Creed game, Gran Turismo 7, a 4K remastered version of PUBG – something that will be exclusive to the PS5, The Last of Us Part II, a remastered version of Ghost of Tsushima, and even GTA VI – a game that will interestingly be a PS5 exclusive for the first month of its release.

When it comes to the tech’s release, the anonymous poster said that we can get ready for a 2020 launch, with the whole package setting you back around $500. However, as this is just leaked information, we will have to wait and see just how true this turns out to be.

How to Cop the AWGE x NEEDLES Collab


After already carrying out a successful collaboration in 2018, A$AP MOB’s creative collective, AWGE, and the renowned Japenese fashion brand that is NEEDLES have joined forces once again to provide streetwear enthusiasts with a new set of colourful offerings.

As for what to expect, the duo has taken it upon themselves to revamp a number of tracksuit styles, all of which arrive with pants and jackets to match. Specifically, loose-fitting garbs as well as more shaped iterations all land with dual branding and vivid hues such as pinks, reds and blues taking up the majority of the pieces’ surface area. As well as this, black and grey garments are also set to drop so no matter your style, everyone will have something to rock in the spring and summer months.

Take a look at the collaborative products below, if you like what you see then you are in luck as the pieces are set to drop exclusively in-store at select retail spaces, the address of which you can find below.

5-44-1 Jingumae
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001

4-28-9 Jingumae
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001

307 W 38th St
New York, NY 10018

Virgil Abloh Teases Previously Unseen Off-White™ x Nike Sneakers at Coachella


Sneaker enthusiasts around the world will feel like nothing but Nike x Off-White news has been making headlines over the past couple of years, and rightfully so. This is in part due to the fact that the duo has continued to produce hugely sought-after collaborative sneakers almost continuously, even after stating that they have put their joint shoe venture behind them.

Well, despite the line going quiet for a little while the two have returned, however, this time they have brought some more interesting elements along with them. Specifically, while Abloh was at Coachella the creative teased yet another pair via his social media account, uploading an image of the upcoming sneakers on to his Instagram story.

As for what to expect, the sneakers arrive in what appears to be a brand new silhouette, although elements of recognizable sneakers do make themselves clear such as the tongue that seems to land courtesy of Nike’s Air Presto model. Furthermore, the sneakers rock reflective Swooshes, branded lacing, the designer’s beloved green zip tie as well as his label’s branding on the sides. However, the most notable part of the pair arrives in the form of a vivid pink rubber outsole.

Take a look at the shoes below, if you like what you see then stay tuned as we will keep you up to date with the pair’s release info as it’s announced.

Tiger Woods Wins the 2019 Masters, Completing One of the Best Sporting Comebacks Ever


22 years after becoming the youngest and first African-American Golfer to win the Masters, Tiger Woods has once again made history as he took home his fifth Green Jacket, marking his first major tournament win since 2008. In fact, Woods has now become the second most successful Masters golfer in the history of the sport, something that is truly groundbreaking given the trials and tribulations he has faced over recent years.

Specifically, Tiger faced an almighty media backlash as a consequence of his legal and moral mistakes, and as this approximately coincided with his potentially career-ending injuries, no one thought that it was possible for him to return to his previous form. In fact, even the bookies were confident that the Woods wouldn’t be hanging up another Green Jacket, something that came back to haunt them after a string of unlikely bets have come through, with one punter even taking home $1.19 million after placing an $85,000 bet.

Amazingly, Woods has now secured wins at the Masters in 1997, 2000, 2001, 2005 and now 2019. Consequently marking one of, if not the most, significant comebacks in sports. Watch his winning put as well as a follow-up interview below.

NAV and Lil Yatchy Join 88GLAM on ’88GLAM2.5′


The renowned Canadian hip-hop duo that is 88GLAM has continued to ride the success of the album they released in mid-November titled ’88GLAM2′.

However, it looks like the duo is looking to reinforce the album with a reissue aptly named ’88GLAM2.5′. As for what to expect from the project, the record notably sees NAV return, this time remixing the album’s track ‘Snow Globe’, while Lil Yatchy makes his first appearance thanks to a revamp of the song ‘Lil Boat’.

Take a listen to the project below.

Take a Look at Stüssy’s Spring Offerings in Their ‘Popeye’ Editorial


The iconic Californian skate and lifestyle brand that is Stüssy recently put the locals of its hometown in the spotlight as they modelled the label’s Spring 2019 offerings.

As for what to expect, the imagery appears in the brand’s recently released editorial titled ‘Popeye’ and sees a wide range of California natives sport an even wider range of goods. Most notably we have been given a closer look at several new garments such as a denim utility vest, striped bowling shirt, branded hoodies, spring-ready floral shirts and more. Interestingly, it appears that Stüssy is also championing the move from tighter forms of legwear to a looser kind, something that seems to be a popular move at this point in time.

Take a look at the Popeye editorial below, if you like what you see then you are in luck as the goods are available now via Stüssy’s chapter stores as well as their online shop.

Levi’s® Music Project Is Set to Showcase Its Students at Liverpool Sound City Festival


After launching their namesake music project, Levi’s® has just announced that they will, in fact, be seeing their students make their way onto the Constellations stage at Sound City festival in May.

Specifically, Levi’s® Music Project will finally have the chance to showcase the twelve students of its six-month-long music-mentoring programme at the very city they have been learning in, Liverpool. In fact, the festival that takes place from the 3rd of May until the 5th will see Levi’s® host the Constellations stage across the whole weekend. Not only that but the students’ mentor, Loyle Carner, will then be taking to the festival’s mainstage at 8pm on the Sunday.

However, that’s not all, the project will then see Levi’s® join forces with the music giant that is Noisey in order to host a truly unique Sound City Afterparty on the Sunday evening.

Take a look at the Levi’s® Music Project schedule below.