Renowned for his signature twist endings, M. Night Shyamalan returns with a new thriller, Trap, set to hit theatres on August 2. The second trailer for the highly anticipated film has just been released, offering a glimpse into its intense storyline.

Trap marks a significant shift from Shyamalan’s recent projects, such as the island-set Old (2021) and the rural Knock at the Cabin (2023). This time, the suspense unfolds in a bustling urban environment, setting the stage for a high-stakes thriller. The story begins with father Cooper, played by Josh Hartnett, and his teenage daughter Riley, portrayed by Ariel Donoghue, attending a concert of her favourite pop star, Lady Raven, along with 30,000 other fans. However, the seemingly normal outing takes a dark turn. Cooper, who is actually a notorious serial killer known as “The Butcher,” realizes that the concert is a trap orchestrated by the police to capture him. With 300 officers closing in, Cooper must navigate the chaos of the venue and find a way to escape.

In addition to Hartnett and Donoghue, Trap features a strong supporting cast. Shyamalan’s own daughter, Saleka Shyamalan, makes her film debut as the pop star Lady Raven. The cast also includes veteran actress Hayley Mills, Alison Pill, Marnie McPhail, and Vanessa Smythe, each contributing to the film’s gripping narrative.

The second trailer for Trap has been released, heightening anticipation for its summer debut. Fans of Shyamalan’s work can expect the usual mind-bending twists and turns that have become a hallmark of his films. Be sure to catch Trap in theatres on August 2 and experience the latest thrilling masterpiece from M. Night Shyamalan.

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