Altra introduces the Outroad 2, a shoe designed specifically for adventurous runners who can expect twists and turns along their journeys. This latest release embodies versatility, durability, and comfort, enabling runners to explore new routes and conquer diverse terrains.

The Outroad 2 is the ideal companion for both familiar roads and uncharted trails, serving as Altra’s most popular road-to-trail shoe. It satisfies runners’ desire for versatile and reliable footwear by featuring a MaxTrac™ outsole with grippy multidirectional lugs that conform to the foot’s natural shape. Complementing this is the EGO™ midsole foam, providing 27mm of balanced cushioning for a soft and responsive ride.

Notable upgrades from its predecessor include an enhanced upper for improved durability and plush cushioning around the heel. The Outroad 2 also embraces Altra’s signature Slim FootShape™ Fit, offering a comfortable profile and a spacious toe-box that promotes stability during uphill climbs and downhill descents.

Suitable for both trail newcomers and those seeking a versatile shoe, the Outroad 2 is a game-changer. It combines the familiar feel of a road shoe with the visual cues and confidence of a trail shoe. With its vibrant colours and a price of £130, this shoe is available now via Altra’s online store.

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