18-year-old singer-songwriter carina shares her latest single, summer air buzz ft. Bel Cobain. The single is a follow-up to her previous single, skets & stoners.

Heavily inspired by Low-Fi beats and R&B, summer air buzz encapsulates precisely what the title suggests; as it was written during the height of the London heatwave. Working on the new single, carina collaborated with Bel Cobain, speaking about collaborating on the song, carina explained, “I don’t have the opportunity to write with other people that often, and it was really lovely to be able to do that, especially because she is someone who I look up to a lot.”

The track is the second from carina’s upcoming EP, titled spaceout. Her first EP with the Don’t Sleep record company, spaceout will be available from September 16th on major streaming services. You can listen to carina’s summer air buzz below.

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