After exploring the concepts of having no consequences in his track ‘Supercharged,’ the unique UK Soul artist that is Collard is taking things in a different direction.

Specifically, for his new single ‘Deliver Me,’ Collard has focused on that feeling of coming back to reality. Consequently, he has opted for more simplistic yet effective melodies, and after combining this with his instantly recognisable vocals he really captures the feeling of coming back down to earth after the high. In fact, when speaking on the track, Collard stated that “Deliver Me is me submitting to defeat as this feeling of invincibility fades into a hole of self-reflection. It’s about facing reality and learning when the party’s over.”

In addition to the release of ‘Deliver Me’ Collard has once again collaborated with the innovative creative-director duo SOB to ‘Deliver’ the accompanying visuals to the track. The video shows Collard drunkenly waltzing around the hallways of a grand central London hotel, matching the lavish surroundings with clothing by Van Dries Noten and Gucci.

You can listen to Collard’s ‘Deliver Me’ below, if you keep scrolling you can also take a look at the SOB-created visuals.

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