The eccentric billionaire and business magnate that is Elon Musk recently took to Twitter again in order to update his followers on what he hopes for Tesla's upcoming 2020 Roadster, and it is quite insane.

As for what Elon was saying, the conversation started when he retweeted a GIF of a flying DeLorean DMC-12 saying that “the new Roadster will actually do something like this,” this was before the renowned tech reviewer that is Marques Brownlee joined in and said, "The thing is I feel like you're not joking." 

This triggered a whole detailed conversation between Elon, Marques and a few informed engineering enthusiasts that discussed the possibilities. As for what was said, Elon stated that the car could arrive with a “SpaceX option package”  which would use SpaceX’s “cold gas thruster system with ultra high-pressure air in a composite over-wrapped pressure vessel, in place of the 2 rear seats” that would consequently allow the car to either accelerate and mind-boggling speeds or even achieve limited verticle lift.

In fact, the speed promised by Elon would allow the car to perform a full quarter-mile in around 8 seconds. Although this may sound crazy, Musk has always followed up on his promises even if sometimes they arrive late, and now that he confirmed that the option would definitely be available publically, everyone is excited for it to arrive. Having said that, there will likely be a whole range of terms and conditions that would have to be met in order for the rockets to be used by an average joe.

Take a look at a few of these conversations below.


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