The American multinational information technology company that is IBM once lead the way in the tech industry when it came to boundary-pushing hardware, and now after the unveiling of their Q System One computer, it looks like they could be climbing back to the number one spot.

As for why, the company's latest piece of tech has been crowned the first commercial quantum computer, consequently making it plausible that IBM is paving the way to systems that are potentially millions of times faster than our current ones. Specifically, the supercomputer which was unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show uses theories of physics to create computing techniques that are far more powerful than our current devices.

However, before you get excited about copping one for yourself, the device currently arrives in an airtight 9-foot cube made from half-inch thick glass so using one to game is many, many years off. Instead, the IBM Q is aimed at industries who are looking to revolutionise areas such as medicine, artificial intelligence, financial markets and online security. Find out more by looking at the following video.


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