The Japanese label that is monkey time recently released a whole array of imagery of their latest polarizing capsule that sees a colourful barrage of garments land with a whole collection of iconic paintings upon them.

In fact, the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci and Johannes Vermeer all make appearances on the items with paintings such as Mona Lisa, The Last Supper and Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear are just a few that take centre stage while simple text and gallery-based warnings appear elsewhere on the offerings.

As for why we said polarizing, many have compared the brand's latest capsule with past creations from those such as Off-White™, whether this is something you see or not, make your mind up by taking a look at the collection's imagery below, if you like what you see then head over to monkey time's online store or physical locations to cop your favourites on the 18th of January.


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