Charlie Brooker's Netflix creation, 'Black Mirror', has undeniably been a huge success with fans all over the world waiting for the series' next instalment. Well, after screenshots and leaks took place left, right and centre, now it looks like we can confirm it's on the way, but with a pretty big twist.

As for what to expect, a short description of the upcoming episode titled 'Bandersnatch' surfaced on a Korean Media board, after it was then translated by a Redditor it read: “A young programmer makes a fantasy novel into a game. Soon, reality and the virtual world are mixed and start to create confusion.” This does sound exciting, however, what was most intriguing is that the instalment's runtime is marked as 312 minutes - around 5 hours. This, of course, is unlikely to even be released as a movie due to its lengthy nature so many believe that the only plausible outcome is to have the upcoming episode a choose-your-own-adventure-type format.

Take a look at a few of the leaks below, if you are excited then sit tight as 'Bandersnatch' is set to hit Netflix on the 28th of December.


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