Over 2 billion people worldwide suffer from the blood-based condition that is anaemia, however, now that it can be successfully diagnosed via an app, we could soon be seeing major improvements in how early the condition is noticed and therefore how well it can be treated.

Specifically, researchers from Emory University have found been able to use photos of an individuals fingernails to identify their haemoglobin levels, before it was only possible to take this measurement via an invasive blood test. This is only possible as the skin beneath fingernails does not contain pigment, so haemoglobin – the oxygen-carrying pigment of the blood – is the main source of colour.

Now that this data is known, it can notify the user whether or not they are likely to, or do have, the condition so they can be further checked up on. As for when this app is going to be made public, no one is completely sure, however, we do know that the sooner the better.


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