Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror has continued to cement its place as the most loved piece of recent Sci-Fi television as season after season of psychologically thrilling material has kept viewers as entertained as they were spooked. That's why many were happy to hear that the show has got yet another set of stories ready to hit Netflix and much sooner than expected.

Specifically, in a recent mistake made by the global streaming platform, Netflix, it was leaked in a tweet that we can expect Black Mirror‘s highly-anticipated return to take place on the 28th of December. Not only that but the image that was quickly deleted after even stated the name of the first episode, the title being 'Bandersnatch.' Apart from this, no other details have been revealed, however, another image shared on Twitter reinforced the leaked info as it showed a sign for the episode's production on a studio door.

Take a look at the accidental image below.


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